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Welcome to the St Andrews Harbour Trustthe gateway to the North Sea.

St Andrews has long been associated with sport but its’ famous and highly prestigious University along with the close ties to the harbour has created a huge tourist attraction over the years.

The enclosed harbour provides idyllic walks from the “Long Pier” to the exposed East Sands, taking in lovely views of St Andrews Cathedral and the rugged coastline of East Fife. During term time, after church on Sunday afternoons, students from the University stroll along the Long Pier and back again in their famous scarlet red gowns, a traditional ceremony steeped in history.

The harbour itself is a working harbour for small fishing boats providing an income for the local fishermen. Private yachts and boats are moored in the inner harbour providing a safe refuge during severe weathers.

The St Andrews Harbour Trust is a charity consisting of a board of ten selected voluntary trustees and two persons appointed by Fife Council. We act to ensure that the maintenance of the harbour is kept up to an acceptable level, facilities are adequate and regularly maintained, use of the harbour is controlled in a safe and efficient manner and any developments are in compliance with Trust directives. Our aim is to improve and promote St Andrews Harbour and its’ surrounding area.